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Alessia Delle Site, Massimo Spizzirri

DEPURAZIONE. Contenimento e misura delle emissioni odorigene

WASTEWATER TREATMENT. Emissions and Limitation of Odour Impact

The legislation in the field of wastewater treatment has evolved both in terms of setting quality standards of more stringent treated water and in terms of emissions control processes, from safeguarding the environment to respect for principles sanitary.
The manager of the water service is then called to experiment and implement advanced technologies in wastewater treatment plants to achieve those goals.
Among these technologies, for example, the biofiltration and membrane processes can represent, in some situations, an optimum solution in terms of treatment efficiency, reduction of emission and reduction in spaces required, especially in projects for adaptation and expansion of existing systems in urbanized contexts. 
To monitor and check the processes for compliance with the legal limits of emissions and containment of effects on various environmental aspects, it is very important to have a control program and a laboratory capable of conducting analytical determinations with high equipment precision, as well as remote control systems. 
In this paper are represented some successful experiences in the application of advanced technologies in full scale.


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